Friday, April 24, 2009

Jaguar Marketinbg Tanks! Here's a New Solution

I made a lot of money promoting the Jag system - and the people who owned the company just pulled the rug out. I have my own theories about why - but suffice to say most distributors felt screwed-over.

I've moved on. Now I promote a rock-solid 8-year old direct sales opportunity which has helped many people get financial freedom. Like any one of the companies this one isn't perfect - but it is SOLID and that counts for a LOT!

I built a killer marketing and training system so YOU can join me and succeed with this opportunity. The pay-plan is awesome and my marketing system rocks. You can get the abundance you want with this program just implementing the company training, but I wanted and am able to offer a lot more than other distributors because of my expertise in many areas of marketing online.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday, September 26, 2008

Selling The Intangible

You buy a lawnmower or a new stereo and you get something tangible. You know what it does because you can handle and explore the object itself with all of your senses.

Just because a product is tangible doesn't make it easy or obvious to understand how to use it. Imagine being illiterate - if a book lacked pictures it would have no value to you.

Intangible Products are not new to the internet.

Here's what I mean. Remember LPs? Phonograph records. When your grandparents bought one in the old days were they buying the black round thing? No. They weren't even buying the ability to listen to the music on it. They were buying Pleasure... which is intangible.

Pleasure is a benefit. It is always subjective and intangible. I would take no pleasure in smoking a cigarette - but since they are often advertised as giving pleasure I presume that some people get that when they smoke.

Intangible products may be a little tough for you to get your mind around... yet they are a massively profitable segment of the internet economy today. These products pretty much all fall under the category of publishing - making some collection of information available to the public.

The benefits of ALL information products are intangible. In general most of the information products we consume involve moving towards benefits like pleasure in some form... though the benefit of a "make money" product may be the delayed pleasure you might expect to get by enjoying the free time and spending power of making the money by implementing the plan you purchased.

If you go to the movies you do it mostly for pleasure and stimulation.

In rarer cases you may be interested in a product which targets your desire to move away from some unpleasantness - dying of cancer perhaps, or incarceration for a crime. People may be interested in "make money" products both to move away from lack of money or un-fulfilling lives - and moving towards more money and more personal fulfillment.

The Jaguar Program will help you in both areas -=> Moving away from your present situation and moving towards a situation where you have more money than you have now and also more free time to enjoy life.

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